Grainsoft® is one of our leading applications. Matured from over 25 years of developing for the Grain industry this application makes light work of many of the hard tasks normally associated with Grain Handling.

Grainsoft is a Windows based grain commodity management database, incorporating storage, trading, packing and warehousing into one user friendly and powerful database.

The lead developer of Grainsoft started in the Grain industry doing many of the jobs manually, giving us the advantage of knowing and understanding how functions need to operate from a users perspective within the industry. This has allowed us to create a user friendly system and relate to our clients needs.

Easy to manage stock and position calculations, a wide variety of reporting facilities, automated documentation, advanced flexibility, and Electronic Documentation Interface with other applications has made Grainsoft an invaluable resource to many of our customers.



Receivals, Outloads, Transfers and Containerised Packing Tickets

contracts and orders

Orders commonly referred to as Grain Movement Orders

Stock and storage hanlding

Including journal entries, warehousing, regrades, transfer of ownerships, shrink calculations and other stock manipulations

payments and invoicing

With automatic levy and royalty calculations, as well as capabilities for oil bonuses or other complex matrix formulas creating payments for hundreds of growers can be reduced to a matter of seconds


Automated Export and Packing documentation certificate and reporting generation including PEMS.


Automatic integration into the 1-Stop PRA system and ERA / Containerised Movements including Vessel Schedule Updates

other features


Grainsoft does not have a GL accounting module. We do however have the ability to integrate with our accounting applications to complete the system. System integrations including MYOB and Xero. We can always look at exporting into other applications if required.

Grainsoft will calculate all the payment details (including GST, levies, royalties, etc) and generage a RCTI. From here the information can be imported into your accounting package.

Grainsoft® is a registered trademark of Wimmera Software Development Pty Ltd